Thursday 21 November 2019

Execution: Change Control Process

Changes to a project can occur:

  • Scope
    • Add/Remove features or functions
    • Add/Remove deliverables 
    • Add/Remove requirements 
    • Add/Remove activities 
  • Budget
    • Add/Remove money to budget 
  • Schedule 
    • Extra time to deliver project
    • extra time for deliverables 
    • extra time for milestones
Change order is a form that details the change, the buiness impact and reason for the change, its approval or rejection follows a procedure:
  1. Change Order comes from any source internal or external to team
  2. Change order is submitted to the PM or Change Control Board
  3. Change order is logged in the Change control log
  4. Change order is reviewed by PM and Change Control Board
  5. If Change order is rejected or put on hold
    1. Rejection is logged 
    2. Change order initiator is notified 
  6. If change order is considered
    1. PM & Team analyse the change and impact to
      • Scope
      • Work Effort
      • Time Required 
      • Resources
      • Quality
      • Risks
    2. Change Control board reviews analysis and decides to accept or reject chang
      • Rejected
        • initiator notified
        • change logged
      • Accepted
        • initiator notified 
        • baseline changed
        • project docs updated
        • new baseline communicated to stakeholders