Monday 18 November 2019

Execution: Control

the goal of controlling a project is to pay attention to the various metrics of the project and ensure that the project is being delivered as closely as possible to the baselined plan. if the performance begins to veer off the original plan then the PM must institute corrective measures. If process improvements are identified they should be implemented money and time saved for one activity could be needed by another.

If poor project health is identified using the CPI or SPI then the PM needs to analyse what the cause is:

  • Poor original estimates
  • Personal lack expertise 
  • Unforeseen Risks or issues
  • More expensive resources then anticipated 
  • Scope Creep
  • etc
any number of things could veering the project off kilter, however when the culprit is identified the PM must implement corrective measures, if these corrective measures bring the budget or schedule outside the acceptable variance levels then a change order has to be requested to the Project sponsor and stakeholders. 

Change orders are not a cure all for poor planning or performance, each change order takes personnel away from their tasks costing more time and money on the project. they should be used sparsely and only when necessary. an abundance of change orders is generally a sign of poor planning.

to keep the project on track the PM must review project KPI's regularly and handle discrepancies sooner rather then later.