Friday 1 November 2019

Execution: Monitoring

Once the project plan is complete and baselined, it's time for the execution phase. This is where we leverage the plan we've so meticulously put together, it is the PM's responsibility to ensure that during the execution phase the work get's completed as defined in the project plan. It is the PM's responsibility to:
  • Ensure that the resources required are available as scheduled 
  • The budget, scope, and schedule are aligned with the Activity list\
  • The communication plan is followed as defined.
  • If risks occur the strategies are implemented as designed 
  • Issues are handled
  • Contracts with suppliers or providers are managed 
  • Project & Product quality are ensured
  • Deliverables are signed off by the customer
In essence the PM must ensure that the project follows the plan as it was laid out.

As we execute the plan, we monitor our KPI's are we meeting our estimates, both for time and money, as we collect these measurements we monitor them, we analyse what we monitor and we control our items, and act on the information we collect to execute our plan.

there's an over used quote "If you fail to plan, plan to fail" without planning out our project the team will wander around solving problems that may not need to be resolved delivering features that may or may not be used, which will most likely fall short of customer expectations. Project management is all about delivering the right thing, for the right price at the right time.

While we execute our plan we need to monitor our progress to ensure that we are staying as close to our project plan as we can, we constantly need to analyse our metrics that we defined in our quality plan and act on the information to keep the project on time, budget and scope.

We consolidate our metrics into something called a "Project status report" this is usually done weekly and reviewed by the PM and team. the report captures:
  • project KPI's; their history and variance, 
  • high priority risks and issues, 
  • Change Order summary, 
  • Milestone achievement, 
  • deliverable acceptance by the customer.