Saturday 30 November 2019

Closing: Closure Plan

There are various reasons of why a project would close
  • It has completed the objectives as stated in the project plan.
  • Management has pulled the plug for one reason or another
regardless the reason there needs to be a project closure plan. The goal of the closure plan is to ensure that all of the project objective have been achieved, the deliverables where delivered, resources reassigned to other projects or operations, lessons learned and best practices are captured. Project closure can be viewed as a mini sub project. The closure plan consists of
  • Confirm all work of the project has been completed 
  • Update project documents to indicate the final status, and store them in a shared repository 
  • Turn over deliverables to the customer and/or to operations, and obtain approval to close the project 
  • Assign resources to other project or operational work 
  • Capture lessons learned and best practices for the benefit of future projects 
  • Celebrate the team and project success