Thursday 24 September 2020

Azure Powershell

 First to install the azure module in power shell type in

install-module -name az -AllowClobber

now that you have the module installed you can get a list of all the available modules using 

get-module az.* -list

this will list out all of the available azure powershell modules

Now if you would like to get all the commands within a particular module you could simply execute the following command

get-command -module az.signalr

Which would list all of the azure commands related to SignalR, now if you would want to say learn specifically about the Test-AzSignalR command you can execute

get-help new-azsignalr

which would provide you valuable information on how to use the specified command. Notice the remarks section allowing you to get more detailed information as well as examples.

finally to execute any of these command we have to connect to our azure account which we can do by executing