Saturday 1 June 2019

Project Management Office

The Project Management Office(PMO) or just Project Office (PO) is an internal unit that is sometimes set up by organizations to help facilitate project management. They're function is to increase the project success ration by providing support to projects and project managers.

The PMO can provide a wide variety for services
  • Be responsible and support the organizations Project Management methodologies and processes.
  • Provide Project management expertise and training
  • Project auditing
  • Support Organizations project management tools.
  • Serve as a repository for Best practices 
  • Provide standards for collecting project KPI's as well as reporting and measuring project progress
  • Facilitate project reviews: lessons learned.
  • Help allocate resources across multiple projects.
  • Assist with project selection and Project portfolio management. 
PMO's often try to standardize the Project management approach within an organization, keep all PM's using constant PM techniques, tools, and processes. PMO's are responsible to support projects and project managers doing what they can to help increase the success rates of projects.