Sunday 2 March 2014

Create Anonymous Publishing Site

Lets Start with a regular Publishing Web app

notice the following:

  • Authentication: leave as default set to Classic
  • Name: Whatever you want it to be
  • Port: something easy to remember
  • Anonymous: Enabled.

and hit OK, wait a while and create your publishing site collection

notice the following
  • Name: whatever you like
  • Template Category: Publishing
  • Template type: Publishing Portal
  • primary admin: yourself
  • secondary admin: Local administrator 
hit OK, let it spin a while and you have your Web Application created.

next we're going to extend our web application, select our web application form central admin and hit the extend button.

next you'll get the Extend web application to another iis website screen

put in your info
  • Name
  • Port
  • Enable Anonymous 
  • Zone to internet
Scroll down and hit OK.

now click the authentication providers button

this will list the authentication providers, click on the internet one

with that selected change the authentication by unchecking the integrated windows authentication option

This will ensure that through this second door only anonymous unauthorized user ie the public can hit your publishing portal.

Finally navigate to the Site Permissions of the original web app set up  in this case it was the one with port 3333. Site Actions->Site Permissions

with that clicked the Anonymous Access Pane will pop up and select Entire Web Site

and hit OK, now navigate to your public facing extension in this case it had port 4444

and there you go your extended site. if you click sign in you'll get a 401 Unauthorized

this is because on your extension you enabled anonymous and disabled integrated windows authentication, meaning you couldn't log into your web application through this "Door" if you wanted to, ideal for a public facing portal.