Thursday 14 June 2018

Droid unlock device for dev

Unlocking your android device for development is extremely simple, you just have to know the not so secret trick. However if you are a Windows phone user like myself it may be hard to recall how to do it on the rare occasion that you have to, I personally have to google the process everytime, hence why i'm documenting it here.

Step one hit the apps button

Step two go to the "Settings" page

Step three scroll to the bottom of the settings page and tap the "About phone" button

Step four scroll down to the bottom and tap the Build Number 7 times, after about 3 or four touches you'll see something like the following toast

Once you've tapped the build number enough times you'll see a toast saying "You are now a developer", keep in mind your build number will be significantly different, because i took these screen shots from an emulator.

Now that you're a developer hit the back button and you should see the "Developer Options"

Tap the "Developer options button" to get to the Developer screen, here you'll definitely want to enable the "USB debugging" option and most likely the "Stay awake" option.

Now once you plug your phone into your PC via USB make sure to unlock it and it will give you a message asking you if you want to "Allow USB debugging" for this computer, make sure to hit ok. once that's done deploying to your device is as simple as selecting it in visual studio

And that's it, fairly straight forward.