Saturday 21 August 2021

Formative Tests

Formative tests are performed to identify problems that need to be fixed, they are far more common than Summative tests. where summative tests focus on quantitative data such as 90% of users where able to complete "Task A" in under 30 seconds. Formative focus on qualitative analysis of problems such as:

  • Users struggled to accomplish "Task A" because the button required failed to convey the information that it was a button.
  • Users failed to took too long to complete "Task B" because the the information required wasn't readily available and they had to go searching for it.
Formative tests are the most common type of test leveraged in UX research and design. Formative tests are performed during the design phase with the goal of identifying "Bugs" to fix.

General procedure
  1. Have representative users perform tasks
  2. Observe them, what they do, what they say
  3. capture where they struggle
  4. Identify parts of the design that cause problems

Summative tests Formative tests
Users perform tasks
Representitive users
Prove a point Find a problem
Quantitative Qualitative
Many users Few users
Rare Common