Friday 21 December 2012

Workflow email task Link

So you've created a work flow in SharePoint Designer and now you want to let someone know they have a task, but you don't want to just tell them that they have a task and go find it you want to send them a link to the task. Let's face it odds are they're a middle tier manager who's responsibility extends to approving business card request and paid time off; a B.Com degree paying off.

So let's pretend that you have a workflow already set up and all you want to do is create this assignment email: 
In SharePoint Destroyer Designer navigate to your workflows

once you've selected your work flow, edit it.

now that you're ready to edit your work flow, add a step and inside that step create a "start custom task process" action. In the picture below the task is called "Business Card request Task" this is a name I gave it, originally it should start as "Task".

once you've opened the task, under Customization click "Change the behaviour of a single task"

this will load 5 default steps
  1. Before a task is assigned
  2. when a task is pending
  3. when a task expires
  4. when a task is deleted
  5. when a task is completed
You are concerned with the second one "Pending". Add the action email user.

Once you select the user add the appropriate fields

To Create the link address click the link button circled in green above.

Click the fx button to build the URL for your link

Select the current task, and pick the Form_URN, this will give you the task item url

Keep hitting ok followed by a publish and give it a try.