Monday 15 October 2012

Restore a Content Database

In my previous post I demonstrated how to back a content database up, which is all fine and dandy but ultimately useless if you can't restore it.

Go to the manage content databases screen in central administration.
Once there make sure you have the correct web application selected, and click on your content database.
Scroll down to the bottom of the options for your content database and check off "Remove content database" then click OK
When complete, you will be redirected to the “manage content database” screen in central administration with your content database no longer available.

Do the following before the restore:
Stop IIS; use iisreset /stop in the command prompt
Stop the following services
  • SharePoint 2010 Administration
  • SharePoint 2010 Timer
Open up SQL Server Management studio
Right click on the Database you just removed
Go to Tasks-> Restore-> Database...

On the restore Database dialogue, under Source for restore check From device

Then click the browse (...) all the way to the right of the from device: radio control. This will bring up the Specify Backup dialogue.

here select the back up file you wish to restore, refer to my previous post to find out how to make one.

Once you’re back to the restore database dialogue, make sure to actually select your back up file, by checking it off.

With your back up file selected click the options page in the left hand pane. This will bring up the options page.
Make sure to check off overwrite the existing Data base, then hit OK.

This will now restore the content database with production data; this process takes a while so now would be a great time to do some documentation or a coffee break.

Now remember, start up the two services you disabled previously
  • SharePoint 2010 Administration
  • SharePoint 2010 Timer
and start up IIS again iisreset

In the next post I discuss how to rewire your content database to work with your current user